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Sharletta C. Evans, Executive Director

After the tragic loss of her three-year-old son in 1995 to a gang related shooting, Ms. Evans has imparted on an illustrious career as a grass roots freedom fighter and advocate. In 2003, Ms. Evans became the Founder/Executive Director of Redcross Blueshield Gang Prevention, Inc. which was a gang prevention and intervention program. The organization flourished for serval years employing a staff of over 30 individuals, served 3 cohorts of students and hosted 8 summer enrichment camps.

This line of work provided Ms. Evans with sincere gratification but it could not complete her healing process. To complete her healing process, Ms. Evans needed to speak to the gang members responsible for her son’s death. In 2012 Ms. Evans got a chance to meet the gang members face-to-face for an integral discussion. Retrospectively, this momentous discussion set the foundation for a state-wide restorative justice system where Ms. Evans became the first victim family member to have a high risk dialogue in the Colorado Correctional Facility with their offender (HRVOD). Ms. Evans quickly noticed that other families sought the same type of healing and in 2011, she changed her once “gang” related nonprofit to Victim & Offender Mitigation Initiative (VOMI), a state-wide charitable non-profit that serves and supports victims through the grief process and educates the victim on victim rights and victim compensation processes so they are aware and understand these rights. So far the VOMI has served over a thousand families with measurable success and has received tremendous volunteer support.

In 2017 Ms. Evans expanded her business model to the Colorado Crime Survivors Network Inc. (CCSN) where she continues the gamut of her services in addition to participating in innovative community initiatives. CCSN currently serves 150 families providing them with complete wrap-around services.

Meeting the Greater Need in the Community

Taking the holistic approach to meeting the human need.

The Colorado Crime Survivors Network Inc. (CCSN) also doing business as the Victim & Offender Mitigation Initiative (VOMI), is a state-wide charitable non-profit that provides direct services to Crime Survivors, Victim Families, Offender Families, Parents of Murder Victims, the Offenders themselves, at-risk Youth and progressively, the Community at large. As a clearinghouse of goods and services, CCSN seeks to promote the healing process, redefine collaborative efforts and service the North Aurora community by providing resources, nurturement, training and affirmation to those who are in need.



The mission of Colorado Crime Survivors Network, Inc. is to support, advocate, collaborate and build coalitions for victims and offenders in addition to at-risk youth.



The goal of Colorado Crime Survivors Network, Inc. is to incorporate and implement best known common practices. Families and individuals that will benefit most from CCSN’s supportive services will be families and individuals that have been victims of vandalism or theft, hate crimes, assault, juvenile delinquency, homicide, domestic violence, or heinous crimes. Family restoration, community reparation and closure are also goals of CCSN. Lastly, CCSN seeks to foster partnerships with local and national entities that serve people of color.

Heal. Live. Forgive.Inspire. Encourage